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We’re the Traulsen Commercial Appliance Repair pro’s for San Jose. All of our Expert refrigeration technicians are specifically trained to work on Traulsen Commercial Appliances and we can repair as well as service any model or Traulsen commercial freezer or refrigerator anywhere in San Jose 24 hours a day.

Traulsen is one of the most recognized names for commercial refrigeration and ice makers in the industry. As one of the top selling classic brands it is fairly easy to repair (especially when compared to certain industrial models) and its always an easy fix for our master repair technicians. Traulsen is one of the first brands you learn in class for commercial refrigeration.

We carry many of the leading replacement parts for Traulsen no matter the model or era (Traulsen freezers can last up to 30 years or more if maintained properly). All of our commercial appliance repair technicians have a minimum of 15+ years of experience and we never walk away from any commercial frigde or freezer. Our master repair techs will ensure your unit is sanitary and that the ice and water it is producing is safe for consumption. We’ll triple check that your commercial refrigerator or freezer is maintaining the proper temperature to ensure safe consumption and fresh produce for your customers. If you have a Traulsen Commercial Appliance that needs to be repaired then, call our Experts. We definitely know how to repair your refrigeration unit or ice maker.

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Whether Your Traulsen Refrigerator is About to be an Antique or If it is a New Model- We can Repair It!

We’re Open 24-7 so Please Feel Free to Contact us Anytime- We’re True Experts!

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As fellow small business owners, we know what it is like to have a vital piece of your operations down. You can trust us to get to your restaurant, bar or business fast and on the same day. Your customers expect only the freshest of produce and best tasting meats so, let our expert repairmen ensure, your food stock always stays fresh with the right temperature. If your refrigeration unit has gone kaput we often times dispatch many of our techs within the hour and to anywhere in San Jose or the South Bay Area.

Our Experts are the repairmen to call if the others guys cannot figure it out or if they are telling you that you will have to wait for two weeks on replacement parts (crippling your restaurant and business). We carry many of the leading replacement parts for Traulsen Commercial Appliances and Refrigerators including many of their leading Commercial Ice Machine and Ice Maker lines from the late 90's on up.
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From Freon and Compressors- We Have The Traulsen Replacement Part Needed for Fast Repair Services or Can Order it ASAP

Many of Our Repair Techs are Certified with The EPA and We ONLY Use Environmentally Safe Repair Methods and Parts

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