Range and Oven Maintanence Tips

Over the years, our Expert Commercial Repairmen have noticed some quick maintenance routines that usually take under 20 minutes that any handyman or handywoman with the proper tools can handle. You can save your restaurant, bar or business thousands of dollars in maintenance, professional repair work or even potential unit replacement costs by following some these simple steps. They are not cure all’s but our pro tips can extend the overall life of your appliance drastically as well as for potential energy costs. We are always happy to help and share easy solutions with anyone. Although, for any unit that operates on gas you should call a professional due to the potential hazards outside of simple cleanings and wipe downs.

However, if your range or oven is electric then, please first start off by unplugging the unit or if you cannot get access to the electrical outlet then trip your breaker’s specific switch that relays to your oven and range. After you have safely turned off the electricity to your unit remove the heating ranges on top of your oven and range start off by cleaning the nuts and bolts to your burner assemblies but only if there is byproduct getting into this area. If there is none then be sure to clean around the bottom of the heating element. To get to your burner assemblies, take off the burner grates and then, also the top of your range. The entire range top should either lift up off the range or open up and back on a pair of hinges. Your oven door can usually be removed by pulling it straight up off the hinges (may require brute force especially if you have an older unit) on both sides of the door. Some hinges tend to have a latch that must be unlocked before your oven door can be removed. Once many of your oven’s parts are exposed- get to cleaning!

Look specifically for different types of corrosion. This is your first worry. Be sure to check the element terminals and receptacles. The element terminals connect to the receptacles. Corrosion can build up on these vital two parts of your appliance. Any spill in the future should be cleaned after the elements have cooled down. These simple steps can help improve the performance of your oven and range as well as extend the life of your unit.

Next blog post will cover refrigeration and tips to extend the life of your freezer.

In the featured image is a happy oven and range in which, there is no visible corrosion nor build up of harmful grease. If your oven looks like this- you will easily pass health inspection. You will also extend the life of your unit and increase the performance as well. Cleaning can be a pain but if you care about your employees’ safety, saving money and keeping sanitary standards then, it is what has to be done.