Emergency Commercial Appliance Repairmen You Can Trust

We Have Branches in the following Cities:

Las Vegas (702) 919-7633

Sacramento (916) 634-1837

Los Angeles (818) 921-4207

Orange, CA (949) 536-9225

San Francisco (415) 799-3424

San Jose (408) 652-8043

All repair service branches have a 25 mile service radius

Company Headquartered in Los Angeles

355 S. Grand AVE. Los Angeles, CA 90071


We’re Open 24-7 so Please Feel Free to Contact us Anytime! We’re The Repairmen who can Save Your Foods if your freezer is down and get your restaurant back up and running!

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Many of Our Repair Techs are Certified with The EPA and We ONLY Use Environmentally Safe Repair Methods for Your Restaurant, Bar or Business