Commercial Appliance Repair Tips for DIY’ers

Our Expert Commercial Repairmen have a few tricks of the trade and tips that may help with any DIY’ers and handymen as well as handywomen who have a knack for repair. Both Google and YouTube are great libraries for diagnosing some of the more simpler appliance problems however, the multimeter voltage reader is a cheap yet, key tool in diagnosing any potential broken appliance part. The multimeter will tell you exactly which, part is not receiving proper electricity. Multimeter tools range in price as well as complexity however, a $25 to $75 multimeter should be sufficient. The $10 multimeters at Wal-Mart are designed for residential appliances and also, small electronics and will not be sufficient.

You should have at least a 6000 count multimeter. Simply hook up the multimeter up to any part of your commercial appliance which, you suspect may be malfunctioning and this tool will show you if it is getting the proper voltage or not. If it shows that your fan is getting little to no voltage then, at the minimum expect to replace that part. With most oven and stove repair projects the multimeter is your best friend and can easily help you track down the problem. Refrigeration can be much more complicated and most repair needs should be handled by a master repair technician. Aside from commercial appliances, the multimeter can also be used for just about anything you might want to repair that runs off of electricity. Its definitely handy to have for the car too!

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A cheap and effective diagnosing tool for commercial appliances is the multimeter. It will tell you outright if a specific part on your commercial appliance is dead or dying. Thanks to this nifty gadget, we will know in minutes which parts will be in need of replacement.

The Multimeter